Deep packet inspection

Deep Packet Inspection

The subject mater of the thesis has been adjusted; it now focuses on the private-public exchange of personal data, notably when data have been mined in the private sphere in another jurisdicton (more precisely the US).

The most important legal constraint within the EU context is the purpose binding principle that requires that personal data are processed only for explicit, specifc and legitmate purposes and can only be reused for a compatble purpose. For governmental data processing this is connected with the legality principle that requires governments to operate under the Rule of Law. The purpose binding principle is not operatonal in the US jurisdicton.

The research investgates the legal implicatons of the transfer (e.g. sale) of data collected in the private sphere (e.g. by search engines, SNSs, or large data brokers) to law enforcement agencies.

Project member

Merel Koning (PI.lab), 1 fte

Additional information

Contact (project leader): Mireille Hildebrandt

Funded by SIDN Timeframe: 1 January 2012 – 1 January 2016

Budget: €250.000