Commissioned projects

Privacy Action Plan

The Privacy Action Plan has been initiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in order to stimulate Dutch organisations to become more privacy friendly. TNO was invited to search for promising examples of organisations to cover privacy in their business processes and to inventory how Dutch businesses could be supported in implementing privacy respecting strategies.

The Action Plan studied a number of interesting approaches, made an inventory of activities within Dutch business sectors, had a number of real life events to bring stakeholders together, and finalised its activites by the submission of a report in which several recommendations were formulated.

The Expert group Big data and privacy, which was established by the Minister of EWconomic Affairs June 2015, was requested to take the recommendations as starting point for its deliberations.

Project members

Marc van Lieshout (TNO), Colette Cuijpers (TILT), Anne Fleur van Veenstra (TNO), Arnold Roosendaal (TNO)

Funded by the Ministery of Economic Affairs

Timeframe: 1 January 2013 – 1 January 2015 Budget: €120.000


The final report of the Privacy Action plan can be found here (Dutch).

Expert group Big data and privacy

The Minister of Economic Affairs established an Expert group that should inform the Minister on actions to promote a proper dealing with privacy in an age of big data.

The Expert group was chaired by prof. Jeroen van den Hoven (TUDelft). Secretaris of the group was Marc van Lieshout (TNO/PI.lab). Members of the group came from academia, industry, branche organisations and VNO-NCW (representing the business perspective as well). Prof. Mireille Hildebrand (Radboud University/PI.lab) and Prof. Ronald Leenes (Tilburg Univdersity/PI.lab) participated as experts.

The Expert group studied several domains in depth, and had a number of dialogue sessions with representatives of the various domains (energy, mobility, insurers, data consultants, retail, fintech).

The Expert group presented its findings and recommendations in a report, called "Light at the digital shadow" (Licht op de digitale schaduw). The report was presented to the Minister at 5 October 2016.

Project members

Marc van Lieshout (TNO), Somayeh Djafari (TNO), Noor Huijboom (TNO)

Funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs

Timefame: June 2015 - October 2016.

Budget: €125.000


The final report of the Expert group Big data and Privacy can be found here (Dutch)