Privacy in the Internet of Things

Privacy in the Internet of Things

The nternet of Things (IoT) is nothing new. Yet the imminent confluence of cyberspace and physical space into one ambient intelligent system still poses fundamental research challenges in the area of security, privacy and trustability. In particular the impact of such an ‘ambient intelligent’ world on identity management deserves further study. Privacy protection in the IoT involves much more than data minimisation techniques like using pseudonyms. In fact, the vision of an IoT that intelligently supports us in our day-to-day activities requires systems that collect large amounts of personal information. The challenge is to accommodate this need for personal data, while maintaining privacy. It is exactly this challenge that we wish to approach from an identity management perspective.

The main question in the research project is the following: what are the security, privacy and trustability requirements for the IoT (from the perspective of the several stakeholders), and which methods and tools can be developed to satisfy these requirements, so that people can retain control over their lives in the IoT. We put the user central in this research, and approach this issue from an identity management perspective.

Project member

Anna Krasnova (PI.lab), 1 fte

Additional Information

Contact (project leaders): Jaap-Henk Hoepman, Lejla Batina, Cristian Hesselman

Funded by SIDN Timeframe: 11 September 2012 – 11 September 2016

Budget: €250.000