The FutureID project builds a comprehensive, flexible, privacy-aware and ubiquitously usable identity management infrastructure for Europe.  It integrates existing eID technology, trust infrastructures, emerging federated identity management services, and modern credential technologies.  It creates a user-centric system for the trustworthy and accountable management of identity claims.

The Pi.lab contributes in three ways to the FutureID project. It participates in a legal study of integrating attribute based credentials in the European legal framework, it studies how the IRMA system for attribute based credentials can be integrated into FutureID, and it develops new protocols for revoking such credentials.

Project members

Jaap-Henk Hoepman (RU), 0.2 fte Colette Cuijpers (TiU), 0.2 fte Antonio de la Piedra Abenojar (RU), 1 fte

Additional information

Contact (project leader): Jaap-Henk Hoepman

Funded by the European Commission, Future Internet

Time frame 1 August 2013 – 1 November 2015

Budget €187.235