Bert-Jaap Koops researches the interaction between technology and law, in particular criminal law and regulation issues. His main research fields are cybercrime, cyber-investigation, privacy, and data protection. He is also interested in topics such as DNA forensics, identity, digital constitutional rights, 'code as law', and regulatory implications of human enhancement, genetics, robotics, and neuroscience. In the 2016/2017 academic year, he is Distinguished Lorentz Fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Science (NIAS) and Lorentz Center.

With a personal postdoc (1999), VIDI (2003) and VICI (2014) grant, Koops is one of the few Dutch researchers who received all three stages of NWO's (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) personal research-grant scheme.


Personal website: https://www.tilburguniversity.edu/webwijs/show/e.j.koops.htm



Most recent publications


Koops, E.J., & Galic, M. (2017, July). Conceptualising space and place: Lessons from geography for the debate on privacy in public. In Tjerk Timan, Bryce Newell, & Bert-Jaap Koops (Eds.), Privacy in public space: Conceptual and regulatory challenges.: Edward Elgar Publishing.



Leenes, R.E., Palmerini, Erica, Koops, E.J., Bertolini, Andrea, Salvini, Pericle, & Lucivero, Federica (2017). Regulatory challenges of robotics: Some guidelines for addressing legal and ethical issues. Law, Innovation and Technology, 9(1), 1-44.



Koops, E.J. (2017). Privacy-related crimes in Dutch law. (TILT Law & Technology Working Paper Series)



Koops, E.J. (2017). Digitaal huisrecht. Nederlands Juristenblad, 92(3), 183-187.



Koops, E.J., Newell, Bryce Clayton, Timan, T., Skorvánek, I., Chokrevski, Tomislav, & Galic, M. (2017). A typology of privacy. University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law, 38(2), 483-575.


•Schermer, B.W., Georgieva, Ilina, Van der Hof, Simone, & Koops, Bert-Jaap (2016). Legal Aspects of Sweetie 2.0. Leiden/Tilburg: TILT.


•Koops, Bert Jaap (2016, July 01). Megatrends and grand challenges of cybercrime and cyberterrorism policy and research. In Babak Akhgar & Ben Brewster (Eds.), Combatting cybercrime and cyberterrorism: Challenges, trends and priorities (pp. 3-15).: Springer. (Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications).


•Galič, Maša, Timan, Tjerk, & Koops, Bert Jaap (2016). Bentham, Deleuze and beyond: An overview of surveillance theories from the panopticon to participation. Philosophy & Technology (pp. 1-29).


•Koops, Bert Jaap, Newell, Bryce, Timan, Tjerk, Skorvánek, Ivan, Chokrevski, Tomislav, & Galič, Maša (2016). A typology of privacy. University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law, 38(2)


•Koops, Bert Jaap, Roosendaal, Arnold, Kosta, Eleni, Lieshout, M. van, & Oldhoff, Elaine (2016). Privacy Impact Assessment Wet op de inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten 20xx.: PI.lab.


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Koops, B.J. (25-11-2016), ‘Verouderde grenzen. De grote uitdagingen van digitalisering en

connectiviteit voor opsporing en vervolging’, Openbaar Ministerie (LCS), Utrecht


Koops, B.J. (2-11-2016), ‘De toekomst van je verleden’, KNAW-dispuut (samen met Barbara Visser), Amsterdam


Koops, B.J. (17-10-2016), ‘Criminal Investigation and Privacy in Dutch law. Topical technological and conceptual challenges’, 7th Dutch-Japanese Law Symposium, Kyoto


Koops, B.J. (7-10-2016), ‘Zoeken in computers. Elementen uit het Nederlandse deel van het preadvies’, jaarvergadering Nederlands-Vlaamse Vereniging voor Strafrecht, Amsterdam


Koops, B.J. (8-3-2016), ‘Privacy by design. Is it possible?’, Award Ceremony Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship Prize 2016/17, NIAS/Lorentz Center, Wassenaar


Koops, B.J. (3-7-2015), ‘Physical and online privacy: fundamental challenges for legal frameworks to remain relevant’, keynote speech, Internet Law & Politics conference 2015 “Regulating smart cities”, Barcelona


Koops, B.J. (16-4-2015), ‘Cross-border access to data. Bridging cyber-investigation needs and international law’, panel “Jurisdiction and hosting”, Global Conference on CyberSpace 2015, The Hague


Koops, B.J. & K.K. e Silva (29-1-2015), ‘Large-scale cyber-attacks: suggestions for regulatory approaches’, Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media, Strasbourg




Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship (NIAS/Lorentz Center) (2016/2017


Other activities


member editorial team Law, Innovation and Technology (Routledge)

member legal expert panel, Journal of Digital Investigation (Elsevier)


member advisory board Monografieën Recht en Informatietechnologie (Sdu)

member Advisory Board Bits of Freedom

member Advisory Board Dutch Platform for Information Security


Current Projects


No Place in Legal Protection. Finding a new paradigm to protect citizens in the age of ubiquitous data (NWO, VICI-subsidie) (projectleider) (2014-2019)


Public-private actions against botnets: establishing the legal boundaries (BotLeg) (NWO/Cybersecurity) (projectleider) (2014-2018)


Past projects

•Decryption order and art. 6 ECHR (WODC), 2012

•Cloud computing: consequences for criminal investigation (WODC)

•RoboLaw (EU / FP7), 2012-2015

•VIRTUOSO - open-source intelligence (EU / FP7), 2009-2013

•Privacy assessment open-source intelligence (NCTb), 2011-12

•Lawful ICT operations. Guidelines for higher education institutions (SURF), 2010

•Market forces in forensics (WODC), 2009-10

•Digital files in criminal cases (Openbaar Ministerie), 2009

•Privacy assessment of smart metering (Consumentenbond), 2008

•Notice & Takedown and Art. 54a Dutch Criminal Code (NICC), 2007

•Comparative survey of digital fundamental rights (Ministerie BZK), 2006-07

•Human Enhancement (De Jonge Akademie en CSG), 2006-08

•Personal Characteristics in DNA forensics (NWO/MCG), 2004-06

•Security and privacy in 2030: two scenarios (Ministerie BZK), 2004-05

•Evaluation of Interceptability Legislation (Ministerie EZ), 2004-05

•FIDIS, Future of Identity in the Information Society (EU/FP6), 2004-09

•Law, technology, and shifting power relations (NWO/MaGW VIDI-subsidie), 2004-09

•Body, home and criminal investigation: new privacy threats in ICT? (NWO/ITeR), 2002-04

•ICT-benchmark, pillar Regulation (Ministerie EZ), 2002

•Internationalisation and jurisdiction (NWO/ITeR), 2001-05

•Where criminali investigation and privacy meet: the influence of ICT(NWO/MaGW persoonlijke postdoc-subsidie), 2000-02

•Internationalisation, jurisdiction and ICT law (WODC/NWO-ITeR), 2000

•Privacy views of citizens (NWO/ITeR), 2000-01

•A duty to decrypt for suspects (NWO/ITeR), 1999

•Comparative legal analysis of fundamental rights in the digital age (Ministerie van Justitie, Commissie-GDT), 1999-2000