Conducting research in regard to privacy and big data-based security in public spaces. This research is connected to the ongoing Living Lab "Stratumseind 2.0" project on the prominent Stratumseind nightlife street in Eindhoven. The Stratumseind project is a public-private partnership in principle established to increase security so as to renovate the public area, bars and restaurants. Innovative solutions such as lighting, social media and gaming technologies are being deployed and tested in order to meet the goals. Through these solutions a great amount of data will become available for mining, leading to serious privacy concerns, discrimination when used for decision making, unfair treatment, exclusion, stigmatisation, de-individualisation, loss of autonomy and confrontation with unwanted information.


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2016 VIE prize:

For the paper 'The legality of resale of digital content after UsedSoft' (EIPR) awarded by AIPPI (l' Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle) Nederland, the Vereniging voor Intellectuele Eigendom - VIE.