Emre is a researcher at TILT. His project is titled "Algorithmic Transparency in Big Data Analytics and Impediments from Various Legal Arguments".

Major research question and the research framework. What are the transparency needs engendered by data-driven decision-making practices, whether this ‘transparency desiderata’ is properly addressed in the current EU data protection regime, and to what extent IP rights stand as an impediment? The study proceeds with the unfolding and elaborating of the major research question through sub-questions under the below framework.


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On the Possibility of Normative Contestation of Automated Data-Driven Decisions

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The Blockchain Algorithm PI.lab Talks, June 24, 2016, Tilburg 


LSGL 1st Academic Conference – 16.07.2014 – Koç University - İstanbul Theme: Digital Democracy – Co-presenter


The XIXth International Congress of Comparative Law 20-26 July 2014  – Vienna Session 1: III.B. Intellectual Property: "License contracts, free software and creative commons" – Co-presenter


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Intelligent Agents and Legal Personality (Ajan Yazılımların Hukuki Statüsü) International Law and Trade Conference, (ILTC) 10-12 May 2007 İstanbul. Paper presente


Grants and Consulting Legal Consultant for Turkey's Open Courseware Consortium, Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA)


Creative Commons Turkish Project Leader (2006- present)


TILT / Tilburg research grant


Conferences and Seminars

Historical Development of Trademark and Internet Advertising, ITech International Technology Law Association, November 02-03, 2010, “NEW DIGITAL ORDER AND ITS REFLECTIONS TO THE LAW”


Creative Commons as an Information Policy in the e-Transformation Process, 28th Annual Course on International Law Librarianship, İstanbul Bilgi Universitesi 2009


Intelligent Agents and Legal Personality” (Ajan Yazılımların Hukuki Statüsü) International Law and Trade Conference, (ILTC) 10-12 May 2007 İstanbul. Member of Organising Committee