Merel Koning is a PhD-Candidate at the Privacy & Identity Lab (PI.Lab). She is specialized in human rights law and technology. Her research focus is on transnational private to public personal data transfers in the field of law enforcement for surveillance purposes.

Merel has a legal background but currently works at the Digital Security Research Group of the Institute of Computing and Information Sciences (ICIS) of the Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands. In 2015 she was a Visiting Legal Scholar at Columbia Law School in New York.

Personal website: https://merelkoning.nl/


Annotated database SDU EVRM Online, Article 8  ECHR, data protection.
Overview and discussion of data protection related case law from the ECtHR. DOWNLOAD PDF

European Human Right Cases EHRC 2017/79, Annotation to ECJ EU Tele2, C 203/15 and C-698/15.
Implications of judgment on interpretation of material scope of GDPR and CFREU in public-private partnerships in the field of criminal law enforcement and national security. DOWNLOAD PDF

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Effect of judgment on data transfers within the EU common market and national bulk interception laws in relation to the essence of the right. DOWNLOAD PDF

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Exploration of the effects of the coming into force of the CFREU on the protection of personal data in the EU Member States. DOWNLOAD PDF

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Implications of judgment on national data retention and the technology-driven interpretation of CFREU by CJEU.DOWNLOAD PDF

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Discussion of extraterritorial hacking by the police and universal jurisdiction from a international law and historical perspective.DOWNLOAD PDF

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Discussion of the Dutch criminal law and data protection framework for public-private data sharing in the pre-crime phase of criminal law enforcement. DOWNLOAD PDF

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Interdisciplinary exploration of risks associated with the wider introduction of ABC in society. DOWNLOAD PDF

Privacy & Informatie 2012-2, pp. 46-52, From hacking to digital remote access in online policing.
Discussion of the Dutch criminal law and privacy framework for hacking by the police. DOWNLOAD PDF






Merel is involved in the organisation and teaching the courses Law in Cyberspace in the TRU/e Master in Cyber Security and Recht voor Informatici in the bachelor Informatica.