Internal meetings

PI.lab Quarterly event

March 3, 2017, TNO - The Hague



Programme: click here


Guest speaker of the event is Zekeriya Erkin, assistant professor at the TUDelft. He presented his view on possibilities to effectively secure data by using homomorphic encryption a a smanner to promote Privacy by Design. You can find his presentation here.


Somayeh Djafari (TNO) presented a privacy framework that has been developed by TNO, called RESPECT4U. You can find her presentation here


Sascha van Schendel (TILT) has studied how various countries tackle the regulation of big data and will share her first results. Click here to download her presentation.


Marc van Lieshout and Jaap-Henk Hoepman have integrated their ideas about the activities of the PI.lab in 2017 in a business plan and are anxious to know what you think of their ambitions. You can find their presentation here


The event was well visited by some 25 researchers of the three participating institutes.




The next event will take place Wednesday May 31 at the Radboud University.